White Wash Paint

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White Wash Paint

White Wash Paint is a low cost type of paint and It is also known by many other names. Some of the most common or famous names are Calcimine and lime paint. The cost is low due to which these paints are some what famous. Slaked lime and chalk lime is used to make these paints. Sometimes this is also known as whiting. Furthermore, various other additives are also used in these paints as well. People usually use white wash paints on exteriors. But you can also occasionally use these paints on interiors such as hallways and apartment buildings as well. We are here to offer you good quality white wash painting services at affordable rates. Because cost is the main area of focus in this type of paints. So we aim to save you hard earned money and valuable time.


The most common additive in these paints are

  • Water Glass
  • Glue
  • Portland Cement
  • Salt
  • Soap
  • Soil

As you can see that the additives are very cheap. Therefore, the cost of this paint is very low. The finishing is not so shiny like high quality and expensive oil based paints. It is rather rough and matte type of finishing. But it has its’ own beauty. Furthermore, the dilute glues in this paint gives more toughness. And the cement makes it a harder wearing paint in grey and white.

Benefits and Limitations

The cost is very low. In fact white wash paints are one of the cheapest paints in the world. And these are also quick dry. Therefore, they don’t require a lot of time to dry up. But there are also a few limitations as well. The first one is the color. Because the color scheme is  not so vast. As compared to oil based and other expensive paints. Shades like white, broken white, grey and other shades of brown are available. There are other colors and shades also but they are not so good. Another limitation is the lack of water resistance. Because these paints will loose their color and wear off after a few heavy rains. So, if you live in a rainy area then it not your best option to choose this paint. Because it is not water resistant.

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