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Now that you have chosen the right curtain for yourself, decided on the design, chosen the length, chosen the style, and now that curtains hang in your home; so, what is the next step? The next in this segment of the article I am going to tell you about the next phase which is curtain repair. The curtain repair in Dubai costs vary depending on the length of the curtain so let’s keep that in mind.

Curtain Repair Dubai offers expert services to fix and enhance the functionality of your curtains. Our skilled professionals actively address any issues, ensuring your curtains are restored to their optimal condition. Whether it’s repairing tears, replacing hardware, or adjusting lengths, we employ efficient solutions to meet your specific needs. With a commitment to quality service, we strive to provide timely and reliable curtain repairs in Dubai. Trust us to breathe new life into your curtains, enhancing both their appearance and performance.

Now to ensure that your curtains last a very long time we need to maintain them and to do that we need to make sure that we keep the condition of the curtains in check. So now that it’s been a long time and your curtain is beginning to show the signs of withstanding the test of time. You see wear and tear on the curtains and see that after taking on excessive heat and sunlight for all these years.

It is finally starting to fade in color or you notice the hooks on the curtains are now broken or the fact that your curtain is a target for your cat claws; curtains also attract much dust which can lead to curtains looking dirty.

It is also to be noted that today many people are suffering from asthma and many other breathing disorders because of all the dust and so the dirty curtains certainly make it hard for people with breathing disorders but no matter how bad it may look you don’t need to throw away your curtains or buy new ones so what exactly is it that you need?

What you need in curtain repair.

If you think that your curtains are beyond repair just go to a shop like a curtain house or curtain repair shop near your house to see what they have to say about your curtains.

If you have similar-looking curtains all over the house, you don’t have to ruin the set by throwing one away. First, it is very important to see if a curtain repair guy can fix up your curtain. So is there a way you can fix curtains at home? Certainly! And now I will show you some of the ways.

Curtain Cord:

If all you need in curtain repair is curtain cords which are now broken and your curtains don’t stick in one place what is it that you must do? You can fit a new cord at the track where the old cord is damaged and to do so what you will need is a cord that can be used to fix the old cord that was damaged. A few steps in doing so are:

  1. Take your curtain out of the cord and set it aside.
  2. Take measurements on how long of a cord you would need and cut a clean piece of cord from the roll.
  3. Untie the knots securing the old cord to the carriers and pull the old cord out of the rod.
  4. Slide one end of the new cord on the top pulley where you want the drawstring to hang and now tie the knot at the end of the cord to secure it to the carrier.
  5. Insert the other end of the cord over the lower pulley insert it into the upper carrier and knot it.
  6. Pull the end of the cord over the lower pulley and loop it to the upper pulley now tie the knot at the upper carrier and now adjust the cord in the lower carrier to take any slack in the cord
  7. Now, re-hang the curtain rod on the hangers and test the cord by pulling one end of the cord. Make adjustments if necessary.
  8. Test opening and closing by pulling on the cord respectively.

Wear tear or holes

Fixing this is rather easy as what you will need is a fusible interfacing which you can get from any curtain house who also have certain cloths with certain weights to make it look the same now:

  1. Get the fusible cloth to be slightly larger than the hole or tear.
  2. Place it at the back of the curtain pasting glue.
  3. Press on the piece to make sure that it sticks.
  4. Now use some cloth or some material on your iron and iron that piece of the cloth, preventing the glue to get on the bottom of the iron.
  5. Rehang the curtain


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