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As a matter of fact, Wallpaper Fixing in Dubai is not an easy job to do, but Painting Services have been doing this for so long and specialized in providing efficient wallpaper fixing in Dubai. We also offer the best price in the market and quality work is surefire. We are also offering our Wallpaper Fixing service all over UAE.

Don’t get reductive when thinking about wallpapering your walls; just give us a call right away! We will help you for sure. We have a qualified team of professionals who are trained to serve your wallpaper fixing in Dubai needs, including wallpaper removing and wallpaper repairing. On-time and quality customer service has always been our No. 1 priority and we are proud that Painting Services in Dubai has earned the reputation of providing highly competent & well-resourced staff.

Your wall might seem flat, and your wallpaper might appear smooth, but without making proper preparations to your surface, your final result won’t look good. Here the important thing that you need to keep in mind is that the walls must be in good condition before you can hope to take a stab at putting on any wallpaper, meaning that any imperfections like cracks or holes must be repaired, and any blemishes like mildew must be removed.

Prepare Wall Surface: Ensure the wall is clean and smooth. Remove any dust or debris. Fill any holes or cracks with putty and sand the surface for an even finish.

Measure Wall Dimensions: Measure the height and width of the wall to determine the wallpaper size needed. Add a few extra inches for trimming.

Cut Wallpaper Strips: Cut the wallpaper into manageable strips, matching the dimensions of the wall. Use a sharp utility knife for precision.

Apply Adhesive: Evenly apply wallpaper adhesive to the back of the first strip. Ensure complete coverage, especially at the edges.

Align First Strip: Align the top of the wallpaper strip with the top of the wall. Smooth it down with a wallpaper brush to remove air bubbles.

Repeat for Subsequent Strips: Apply adhesive to the next strip and align it with the previous one, ensuring a seamless pattern match. Repeat until the entire wall is covered.

Trim Excess Edges: Trim excess wallpaper at the top, bottom, and sides using a sharp knife and a straight edge for clean edges.

Smooth Surface: Use a wallpaper smoother or a clean, damp sponge to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles. Work from the center outwards.

Repeat for Corners and Outlets: Carefully cut and match wallpaper around corners and electrical outlets. Smooth the paper into these areas for a neat finish.

Final Inspection: Step back and inspect the entire wall for any imperfections. Smooth out any remaining bubbles or edges.

Drying Time: Allow the wallpaper to dry completely according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid touching or disturbing the wallpaper during this time.

Clean Up: Dispose of leftover wallpaper scraps and clean any adhesive residue. Return furniture to its place once the wallpaper is fully dry.

Customer Satisfaction Check: Ensure the customer is satisfied with the wallpaper installation. Address any concerns or touch-ups as needed.

Provide Care Instructions: Inform the customer about proper care and maintenance of the wallpaper to ensure longevity.

Document and Invoice: Complete any necessary documentation and provide the customer with an invoice for the services rendered.

You can place your order on-line. You can also give us a call and get for further assistance. We will visit you the same day you place your order. The more specific you are, the more tailored and detailed your wallpaper fixing will get. It is that simple and easy. We aim to make everything quick and easy for you.

Wallpaper fixing in Dubai holds significant importance for enhancing interior aesthetics and creating a visually appealing atmosphere. Properly installed wallpaper can transform a space, adding personality and style. Here’s a brief look at the types of wallpaper fixing:

Adhesive Wallpaper Fixing: Adhesive-backed wallpapers are easy to install, requiring a simple application of glue to the wall. This type is popular for its convenience and quick installation.

Paste-the-Wall Wallpaper Fixing: With this method, adhesive is applied directly to the wall instead of the wallpaper. This simplifies the process, allowing for easier adjustments and minimizing the mess.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper Fixing: Peel and stick wallpapers have a self-adhesive backing, making them effortless to apply. This type is ideal for those who want a hassle-free and temporary solution.

Non-Woven Wallpaper Fixing: Non-woven wallpapers are durable and breathable, making them resistant to mold and easy to clean. Installing them involves applying adhesive to the wall before hanging the wallpaper.

Vinyl Wallpaper Fixing: Vinyl wallpapers are moisture-resistant, making them suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. The installation involves applying adhesive to the back of the wallpaper and positioning it on the wall.

Ensuring professional wallpaper fixing in Dubai is crucial for achieving a flawless finish and maximizing the lifespan of the wallpaper. Proper installation guarantees that the wallpaper adheres securely to the wall, preventing peeling or bubbling. In Dubai’s diverse interior design landscape, wallpaper fixing plays a key role in bringing creativity and individuality to homes and businesses alike.


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