Terms and conditions


We only use suitable materials of equal or better quality to affect repairs than those originally installed. Any spare parts or the replacement of any defected item during repairs or maintenance services are not covered by this Contract. We will charge these spare parts or replacement items separately on actual supplier costs plus 10% basis, after been approved by the customer. Please Note: Spare parts below AED: 500.00 will not require customer’s approval. This is to make sure efficient work without delay.

On-demand services

While providing building maintenance services, all on-demand services will be charged separately after being requested by the customer and the costs being approved by the customer, either by a quote or will be charged like DHS 25.00 (twenty five UAE Dirham)/man-hour inclusive of supervision, tools and transport to and from the site. Call out for work other than that covered by Contract will be invoiced at AED: 100.00 minimum. We will show you the cost of materials used separately along with the location, authority and details of the work carried out.


We will respond to any maintenance requests and planned preventive maintenance relating to:

  • Painting Services

Painting services including home painting, office painting, room painting, flat painting, villa painting, studio painting, walls painting and many more.

  • Genenral Maintenance

Land scaping, garden work, grass carpet fixing, marble works, carpenter works, plumber works and more.

  • Sofa Repairing

Sofa recovering and sofa upholstery

  • Wallpaper Fixing

Wallpaper removing and wallpaper repairing

Our organized professionals will attend all emergencies within 30 mins, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year once you get in touch with us.

Preventive Work

Painting Services preventive maintenance program will be provided in writing within 30 days after signing the Contract for all carpenter & plumbing works, every six months.