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Painting Tips

Painting can be a daunting and messy task. In addition, painting a whole room all by yourself can be a bit more then you can handle. There are also a lot of things that you will need to take care of before you start to paint. But with the help of these useful Painting Tips, you can finish this job with ease. Furthermore, we will also provide you with some useful products that will make your painting job much more easy and quick.These are the painting tips and tricks to ensure a perfect paint job. We will also guide you on what sort of equipment you should use for painting and how you should use such equipment.

Use lint rollers to remove fuzz from cheap paint rollers

Since good quality paint roller are very expensive and costly. Therefore we are giving you a useful tip that will allow you to use cheap paint rollers again and again and have the same satisfying results.Since the main problem with cheap rollers is that they shed paint all over as you roll it on.They also leave fuzz all over the walls that is difficult to remove. The fuzz also dampens the look and smoothness of the paint. But the main advantage is that they are cheap and also disposable. Remove fuzz from such rollers by using self-adhesive lint rollers. Because lint rollers remove all the loose fuzz. Hence, you can save money and use cheap paint rollers and still get excellent results.

Trim off the edges of a used paint roller

The ragged edges and also the tiny beads of dry paint on your paint roller may seem harmless. But they can also leave ugly tracks on your wall. So, you should remove the edges by using a pair of scissors. Because these edges can ruin all your effort, time and money.

Remove the dust off the walls before you start painting

Make sure that the wall is clean and dry and there is no dust on it. Because dust will ruin the smoothness and execution of the painting. Furthermore, the life and durability will also get affected by it. The paint also start to chip off if the dust is not removed and the wall is not cleaned properly. So, use a clean cloth to clean the wall. And change the cloth if it gets too dusty and dirty. Therefore, you should have the wall neat and clean before you start painting.

Line the paint tray with plastic bag or aluminum foil

Since cleaning can the painting tray is a hard job and requires a lot of scrubbing. So, we have a found a cheap and useful solution for you. Line the paint tray with a plastic bag or an aluminum foil. The paint will stay in the foil so  you will never have to clean the tray again. Hence, this tip will save you a lot of time and effort as well. This will also save your money because you will never have to buy a new tray again.

Make you own paint holder

As they say ” It is not stupid if it works”. So, cut the side of a milk jug to create your own paint brush holder. This method is quick and also cheap. Because the neck of the jar will hold the paint brush and the paint will be in the base of the jar.

Painting Tips for chairs and furniture

You can also nail the legs of the chairs to paint their legs and base. You will not have to wait for the paint to dry up so that you can flip the chair and paint the legs. Therefore, you can save a lot of time and effort by doing so. You can also use bed raisers for heavier objects.

Use Paint Pad for tight spots

If you have a tight spot to paint then remove the pad from the paint edging tool. This tool is very cheap because it costs only two or three dollars. Glue the pad to a stick and let it dry. So, you have a painting tool that will fit behind toilet tanks and radiators easily.

Protect objects and stickers with plastic wrap if you cannot afford masking tape

Plastic wrap is an easy and also a very cheap way of protecting the objects from paint drops and splashes. Because it goes right where you want to put it. So, you can start your painting without the fear of dropping paint splashes on fixtures such as toilets. But keep in mind that paint can still seep under the edges so you should use masking tape if you can afford it. But if you cannot afford it then plastic wrap is your best option.

Use the ‘W’ of Zig-Zag method to get a smooth, even finish

Lay the paint on the wall with a sweeping stroke and roll up on the angle using light pressure. Then roll up and down toward the corner quickly to spread the paint evenly. You can also leave the paint build up. Then you should use the roller to to even out the buildup. You should reload the roller again and continue painting so that the whole surface evens out. Then back roll the whole area.

Use your arm as a tape dispenser

Since applying tape on the edges of roof and floors can also be a tough job. Because if you are doing it all by yourself then you will have to be extra careful. So, you can use your own arm as a tape dispenser. Yes, you can make your job a whole lot easier by doing so. Put an old sock on your arm so that you don’t get cut when the tape rolls. And this is it, your have your own tape dispenser. Furthermore, if your tape is old and won’t roll. Then place it in the microwave for ten seconds.

Use Vanilla extract to get rid of paint fume

Add one table spoon of vanilla extract in the paint and you can get rid of the pungent fumes by doing so. Because vanilla will counter act the smell and your home will smell like vanilla afterwards.

Use Vinegar before Painting Metal

Before painting metal, wipe it down with vinegar because the vinegar will keep the paint from cracking. So, just wipe down the surface of the metal with vinegar using sponge or lint-free cloth.

We hope these painting tips assisted you, Contact us for further assistance

Your painting job will get much easier by using these painting tips. We hope that our painting tips helped you. In addition to all these tips. You can also contact us to get  Wall Painting Tips and any other sort of painting that you want to do. Because we are here to help and guide you.

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