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Home Maintenance

Home is a place where we live with our family. It is also the place where all the wonderful events of happiness take place with our children and family. So, it is fair that we all take care of our homes and maintain them properly. Home maintenance is an important part of home ownership. So, here are some things that you can do around your house to keep it properly maintained.

Roof Maintenance

You roof probably gets the most wear and tear outside. Because Dubai has extreme weather conditions. Therefore, the sunlight is quite intense. Hence, the roof gets a lot of damage due to the sunlight and the frequent sand storms. So, these are all the more reasons to check the roof for integrity and signs of leak. You should also check the gutters as well. So that the walls and roofs may stay dry. Lastly, hundreds of people fall over the roofs or ladders in doing so. So, if you feel uncomfortable then you can hire us. Because we  are experienced and licensed  roofing contractors. We will take care of your roof and make it brand new again.

Poor Drainage and Structural Issues

We will also check your whole house for poor drainage and structural issues. Because it is very important to make sure that there is no leak in the drainage system. A leak can flood and damage your walls. It will also weaken the foundation of your house as well. Furthermore, if there are electrical wires near the leak then the risks of higher damages are even greater. Therefore, we will check every single inch of your house for leakage, poor drainage and structural issues.

Maintenance of Your Kitchen

You should clean your dish washer twice a year. And you should also check the underneath of your sink. Because you keep cleaners and other stuff there. So, there can be molds and other fungi as well. Therefore, you should clean it up. If there are leaks in that area and you can not fix it then you should call us right away. Because we are house maintenance professionals and we are here to help you.

Thermostat and Smoke detectors

You should change the batteries of your thermostat twice a year. And most of the houses also have carbon mono oxide and smoke detector alarms installed as well. You should also change their batteries as well. Furthermore, these things have a maximum life of 5 to 7 years. So, you should get new smoke detectors after 5 or 7 years. And if you are having problems with smoke detectors and thermostats then you can call us for home maintenance services in Dubai.

Inspection of your fire place

Now this is something you definitely have to pay attention to. Because it need to be cleaned and inspected by a professional. Since the temperature in Dubai is quite intense and the fire place is rarely used. Therefore, you can hire a professional to check it after 3 or 4 years. This makes sure that your fireplace is operating safely and efficiently as well. So, call us if you require the inspection of your fireplace.

Bathroom maintenance

We all use our bathrooms a lot. And this is a breeding ground for molds. So, if you have a tile shower in your bathroom. You have to pay attention to the caulking and the grout. Take a good close look and if you see cracking and separation in the grout. This means that the water is getting behind there, so it should be touched up with new grout. Furthermore, remember that on the vertical seems where the tiles meet the floor that should all be cocked, not grouted. Because there is movement there and you wanna make sure you have a nice tight seal.  If your bathroom tiles, showers and floors are damaged then call us right away. Because we are here to give our good quality home maintenance services. Our services are excellent in quality. And our rates are affordable as well.

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